Harmful advices for men: how to earn prostate

 Remember “Bad Advices”, anti-guide for naughty children and their parents? It turns out that not only young creatures like to act on contrary. Quite adult men seem to do everything to enjoy “charms” of chronic prostatitis. Contrary to common misconception, prostatitis is no longer purely age-related disease.

This disease is getting younger every year – peak of incidence falls on 25-30 years. Main companions of prostatitis are problems with erection, difficulty urinating, pain and burning sensation, and as maximum – prostate cancer. In short, comfortable life will have to forget.

To make friends with prostatitis, to become regular guest of urologist and andrologist and engage in healthy intimate relationships, it`s enough to follow number of simple rules.

First harmful rule

If you are under 60, don`t worry and be sure that disease doesn`t threaten you, and you will think about your health later. You shouldn`t spend your youth on all sorts of nonsense like visits to doctor and prevention of male sores.

Second harmful rule

Live to fullest, giving up bad habits for wimps! Smoke like steam locomotive, drink more often, because there are so many reasons for feast around. Enjoy fatty and heavy meals. Such lifestyle wouldn`t only reduce the overall immunity of body, but also destroy natural protection of prostate cells against viruses and bacteria, making body extremely vulnerable to infection.

Third harmful rule

Imagine that your body is made of ultra-strong alloy, not subject to any external factors. Cold, heat, high humidity and other cataclysms you are not afraid. In fierce frosts, don`t even think about wearing underpants – what kind of women’s stuff? Especially desperate can ignore even underwear, it`s very erotic. Longer sit on frozen benches – especially metal and stone.

Remember that the best winter holiday is fishing. For complete happiness, you can swim in hole, men will appreciate (especially when everyone is already well warmed from the inside). Caught in rain – don`t rush to change wet clothes, it dries itself. If you already have chronic prostatitis, any cold or hypothermia will immediately cause exacerbation: temperature, fever, frequent visits to toilet, and even pain when urinating for particularly lucky.

Fourth harmful rule

Don`t play sports. At work, sit all day, because you can have fat sandwich dinner without interrupting production. Then move to car, which comfortably takes you home, to your favorite sofa. Thanks to sedentary lifestyle, you can get acquainted with prostatitis as early as possible. Metabolism and blood circulation in pelvis slow down, causing stagnation and edema are best friends of male disease.

Fifth harmful rule

Be either reclusive or love man. There is no third. If you chose path of hermit –have sex as rarely as possible, only to conceive heirs or under threat of divorce. There is no need to waste time and energy on this useless exercise, which increases production of male sex hormones, accelerates blood flow in pelvic organs and prevents stagnation.

If you like image of Lovelace, don`t miss single skirt. For more thrills don`t protect yourself – such game of “Russian roulette” will lift you to heights of bliss. Sexually transmitted diseases are main causes of infectious prostatitis, which becomes chronic without treatment. But this is trifle compared to joy of another bed victory! After all, regular sex with regular partner – such a boredom.

Sixth harmful rule

Ignore the symptoms. We woke up at night from burning sensation and irresistible desire to run to toilet – nonsense, it will pass by itself! Added aching pain in lower back? Will save pepper plaster! Problems with erection – just tired, who doesn`t happen. You can suffer all above symptoms for a couple of months to understand for sure that you would`t get away from going to doctor. It`s better to take long-term decision on visiting doctor, so that symptoms are better, because you need very good reason to get up from sofa.

Seventh harmful rule

If you still get to doctor, don`t allow full examination. Your mean description of symptoms and expression of suffering on your face should be enough to make diagnosis. Prohibit doctor to conduct rectal examination and (oh, horror!) Massage of prostate. This is very embarrassing and contrary to your masculine nature. If doctor has prescribed candles, keep silent, but still buy pills.

Don`t listen to arguments of mind that candles help much faster and more efficiently, acting directly on prostate through mucous membrane. Tablets often “die” in aggressive environment of stomach.