10 Natural Cancer Killers

We bring to your attention set of products that contain antioxidants and have ability to enhance immunity.


Garlic not only protects against vampires, but also thanks to special compounds increases activity of cells of immune system, which is responsible for resistance to cancer. Scientists have long proven that garlic reduces risk of heart disease and stroke. Moreover, it is able to protect against stomach cancer and intestinal cancer – two largest killer diseases on planet.

Studies have shown that those who regularly consume garlic are less likely to experience stomach and intestinal cancer. In this regard, medical scientists recommend that even healthy people eat garlic every day. Per week, amount of garlic eaten should be at least 5 cloves. It is allowed to take garlic supplements.


Beans are excellent source of vegetable protein, provide body with good portion of fiber, while it has anti-cancer properties. Beans and beans contain some phytochemicals that prevent genetic damage to cells or significantly slow down this process. Beans with beans can protect against many types of cancer, but best of all they protect against prostate cancer, plus they reduce risk of developing cancer of digestive organs.


We all know that carrots are powerful antioxidant and source of beta-carotene. But not everyone knows that these substances and properties reduce risk of developing certain type of cancer – cancer of oral cavity and larynx, stomach and colon, bladder and prostate gland. Urological studies have confirmed that carrots are somewhat resistant to bladder cancer. To prevent terrible disease, both raw carrots and boiled carrots are suitable, however, it is in raw product that great nutritional value is preserved, which contributes to better cancer resistance.


Broccoli – this plant is able to neutralize even destructive effects of cancer. Broccoli acts as antioxidant and stimulates human cells, forcing them to fight disease. Young broccoli plants are most valuable; they contain number of anti-cancer elements. Broccoli sprouts, which are so useful in fight against cancer, can be found in health food stores or grown on their own. It is so simple to protect your own health by adding to next dish several sprouts of this incredibly useful plant.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper contains substance that causes burning sensation in entire oral cavity, but same substance successfully fights cancer cells. You can use it as much as you stand yourself. Process proceeds according to principle of steam room against common cold – the hotter the better.


Mushrooms are storehouse of useful substances for whole body, but they are also very effective in fight against cancer. Six thousand years ago, Chinese used Asian mushrooms for medicinal purposes. Mushrooms that benefit body come in many varieties. For example, shiitake, reishi, oyster mushrooms and others.

You can eat mushrooms themselves directly, or you can purchase special additives with extract of these products. Asian mushrooms contain substance that perfectly fights prostate cancer cells, it stops growth of cancer cells and causes their self-destruction. This is evidenced by numerous studies.


Raspberries are source of antioxidants and other anti-cancer substances. Special studies in rats showed that in animals that consumed black raspberries, percentage of cancer cells in esophagus was significantly reduced. Later, raspberry powder was given to people with colorectal cancer, and result was also not bad. Therefore, in defense and fight against cancer, one needs to take these tasty and very useful berries.

Green tea

Green tea contains substances that inhibit destructive effect of cancer cells in lungs and digestive system. But this only applies to real green tea sourced from Japan. Most packages in windows of modern supermarkets aren`t tea in question. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from cancer with help of green tea, you have to look for Asian store and buy product there.


Tomatoes contain lots of useful substances, and it is not at all important to consume them in raw form or raw. Numerous studies have nevertheless proved that tomatoes aren`t useless in fight against cancer. In men who regularly consumed tomatoes and dishes from them, risk of developing prostate cancer was reduced by 35%.


Turmeric has long been used successfully in treatment of inflammatory and colds, and in relieving symptoms of asthma. However, recently, scientists said that turmeric is also able to fight cancer. This conclusion was drawn from following information: in the United States, incidence of prostate cancer is very high, while in India this rate is extremely low. Scientists have suggested that people in India eat differently, eat foods that protect them from developing cancer, while Americans eat whatever they eat.